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72pixels creates websites that are easy on the eyes and simple to use. We design around what your needs are — We listen.

What we think.

See for yourself. "It doesn’t matter how good you or your product is, it's how you go about presenting it to your client or customer - it's all about credibility."

Social side of things.

Social side of things.

We know what most people are do doing during their work hours, sitting at their desks, wondering what others are doing in their cubicles. Lets take advantage of their downtime and get your message across so they have something worthwhile to read.

Let us do the marketing.

Let us do the marketing.

So you can do your work. Marketing and Advertising is changing everyday. So fast, you don't have the time to delegate part of the day to promote yourself or your business. This is where you realize, it's time to step back, focus on your business and let a professional take over. We'll get to know you and your business, find your audience, understand your visitors through some analytics, then get to work. Create and publish new content according to our research. Approach and test different channels of promotions on your schedule. The mission starts now.

What's our plan. Keep it simple.

What's our plan. Keep it simple.

Achieve what the visitor/shopper came to do with minimal effort. Online visitors will not stay on a page that is overwhelming with too much information and/or has horrible navigation - get to the point. The site is there to entice them with enough information or to make the deal appetizing. Stick to key messages whether if involves images, copy writing, and keywords - all with the aspiration of MINIMALISM.

SEO the Organic Way

Build Trust, Don't Buy It. We start by adding relative, true and interesting content to your website, it shows the visitor you have a solid background of knowledge in what your involved in. We're not against paying for Adwords, but not every client has the budget to do so. There are other ways to achieve higher rankings in a natural, organic way.

Optimizing your Site's content

This takes a little bit of effort creating and writing loads of relevant content. We work with you to really dig deep and thoroughly describe your product, service or story with a as many pages as it takes. Lets not bore the reader, just the important selling points written in the most descript way possible. For example, if your selling shoes, have pages about what types of shoes you sell, how and where they are made, the quality, the comfort and wear. If possible, a testimonial page or case study page is always a consumer's safe factor. Key expressions and the correct key words used throughout will be picked up by the web crawlers.

Tag it

We always tag every page with a Title and a Description to be picked up by the search engines. Remember to name every image as it should be named, not 123.jpg, that's meaningless to Mr. Google. We'll talk care of that for you, just sit back.

Our Creative Services


Everything you look at is designed, let's take some time and make your project stand out with meaning.


We spend more time assuring clients what the best solution to their situation/problem is and how it will be achieved in the most fulfilling, logical, and simple way.


We work with modules first, bring them into the layout for the smartphone, tablet, and website. Every device will have it's own layout for perfect viewing.


Marketing changes everyday. You don't have the time to promote your business. You realize, it's time to step back, focus on your business and let us take over. We'll get to know you and your business, audience, visitors using analytics. The mission starts now.

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